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quote Leonardo Recalde acosta

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:38 am
As soon as all the corrections which happened to be necessary in any particular number of The Times had been assembled and collated, that number would be reprinted, the original copy destroyed, and the corrected copy placed on the files in its stead. This process of continuous alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound-tracks, cartoons, photographs – to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance. Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct, nor was any item of news, or any expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and re inscribed exactly as often as was necessary. In no case would it have been possible, once the deed was done, to prove that any falsification had taken place. (1.4.Cool

I really enjoy this quote because is talking about manipulation control  like when say '' to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significanc'' also about how literature is bee controled by the party which conflicted in the needs possibel predictions to it.
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Re: quote Leonardo Recalde acosta

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:38 am
Hi Leonardo!
I believe we can deepen your analysis even more. Personally, I would start by mentioning the fact that one of the jobs that the Party assigned citizens was to change the past to represent the Party’s new perspective. This quote further demonstrates that one of the primary ways that the Party maintained control was to remove real documents and create their own depending on the decisions they created for their own benefit. It is in fact a very long process that requires a tremendous amount of time which is explained when Winston has to alter all the documents of the change of allies during Hate Week. The effect of this is further enhanced when we start to see that the citizens are unaware of this change and modify their thoughts accordingly to the new ‘‘history’’. By feeding citizens these lies, the Party is finally able to manipulate the thoughts and actions of them, which gives them absolute power over most of Oceania. Thus, the citizens are unable to formulate their own thoughts and opinions because the only base of facts that they have access to is the Party’s truth. Therefore, enhancing the theme of totalitarianism ; total control over ones thoughts and actions.
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